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South Asian Heritage Month Blog Post Roundup

South Asian Heritage Month has just ended, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped celebrating!

Instead, we’ve put together a selection of posts by some of our amazing writers from across the South Asian diaspora.

These cover topics ranging from community histories, censorship in publishing, invisible disability, writing amidst Islamophobia, and much more.


“My mother would expertly rip her scissors through endless waves of fabric as an exuberant energy infected all the women. That space gave them the luxurious freedom of raising their voices in their native tongue.”
Resistance and community: Govanhill Pool and my mother’s fabric shop
by Zamard Zahid


“I would never tick that box because I never saw or wanted to see my disability as real.”
A change of heart
by Lubna Kerr


“…it should not be up to people of colour to forge their way into the creative industries all on their own.”
Young, Creative and BAME in the Scottish Borders: Why we need to amplify BAME creators in rural Scotland
by Vaishnavi Ramu


“I am expected to reap the benefits of my birthplace, but the baggage of my ancestors and the distress of my childhood have left me wounded.”
Writing in an age of collective Islamophobic trauma
by Adil Iqbal


“You used to think you were the kind of person who could write anywhere, in chaos, in change, in coffee shops. Maybe you aren’t.”
How to Write in a Year of Loss: A Personal Essay
by Bhavika Govil


“The hope is that land becomes harder to ravage when it becomes a teacher or a friend.”
Radical Gratitude: A Review of Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass 
by Renuka Ramanujam 


“The events surrounding the production and promotion of Saibaba’s poetry provide a glimpse into a culture of overwhelming fear.” 
“Why Do You Fear My Name So Much?”: A moment of crisis in publishing
by Mridula Sharma


“Writing also gives me a break from the world — a space to put my feelings into a new way of expression.”
Writing Words to Calm the Mind
by Sanjay Lago

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