Text on a rainbow-coloured background. Text: Speaking Proud and Loud: SBWN's Pride Month Blog Roundup.

Speaking Proud and Loud: SBWN’s Pride Month Blog Roundup

With Pride Month coming to a close, we wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate and boost guest blog posts by some of our queer, non-cishet, and/or non-gender-conforming members! Now you can come back to your faves all year long.

These cover topics ranging from gaming to our relationship with the land, human rights to local insect pests, heritage to a look back at the start of the pandemic – and so much more.


“Plotting our histories on a straight line will never accurately represent the ingenious ways queer folk can manipulate time.”
Reflections: archiving histories as shared by 5 QTIBPOC writers
by Sanjay Lago, Sarya Wu, Mae Diansangu, Etzali Hernández, Clementine E Burnley


“I breathe in my grandmother’s lingering memories.

I have nothing left of my mother’s.

The other men in our family aren’t as sentimental.”
Old fears, new loss: Anxiety and PTSD during the pandemic
by Myla Corvidae


“I have been looking for years for waters that resemble what was encoded in me, with no success thus far.”
Highland Midges 1 – 0 Me
by Esraa Husain


“These years already mark a historic shift in the formation and perception of BESEA identities.”
Imagining Us: Reflections on the 2nd ESEA Heritage Month
by Arianne Maki


“What is around me is growing old with me, but you aren’t, you don’t.”
a beech in Scotland does not sleep
by Q Mannivanan


“This new way of working […] has shown a robust spirit and drive to keep the creative community afloat.”
What inclusive programming can look like in the digital age 
by Andrés N. Ordorica 


“Our worlds require constant creation even in the realm of the imaginary.” 
Names Like Mine: Weirdness, Whiteness, and Playing Pretend
by Rho Chung (going by Rachel Chung and she/her pronouns when this piece was originally published)


“…when a stranger made of pixels tells me that my poetic offspring does not make their cut, it feels as though they’ve weighed my work on their scales of success and deemed me not worthy.”
Resilience in the Face of Rejection
by Nasim Rebecca Asl

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