White text in a black box against a background image of Palestinian flags. Text: SBWN Community For Palestine. Community organising space on Zoom. Nov 7th, 5-6:30pm.

Palestine Solidarity Teach Out: resist and take action – 7 November 2023

Scottish BPOC Writers Network stands in solidarity with Palestine and the people of Gaza and condemns the genocidal violence led by apartheid state Israel. We would like to provide a community space to come together for collective action, group learning, and support during this devastating time. Read our full statement here.

At SBWN, we want to nourish our community while simultaneously taking action. Our continued resistance requires us to show care, solidarity, love, and resilience.

Our Palestine Solidarity Teach Out will take place online on 7th November from 5pm – 6.30pm

Register on Eventbrite here.

Please join us to share resources and ideas, to hold space for collective grief, and to combat hopelessness by gathering with others and taking collective action. This Teach Out aims to provide tangible action points. We will also spend some time with art, poetry, and essays by Palestinians. This session will have three main parts:

We will disseminate information and share template letters to send to institutions. We will also share a list of petitions and letters to sign.

We will reconvene and look at work by Palestinian writers and artists. We will live in this space together, allowing ourselves to learn together, feel together, celebrate Palestinian artists together, and take care of each other for this period of time.

We will provide a space to collaborate and share any ideas you have for action and resistance to collectively inform further steps we can take as a community. However, there is no pressure to bring ideas or resources. Please come as you are.

This is open to everyone based in Scotland who stands in solidarity with Palestine, including BPOC and our white allies. We will prioritise BPOC voices in the last third of our session, but we welcome everyone in Scotland who supports #FreePalestine.

By attending the space you opt to abide by our safer space policy, please access it here.

We provide (child)care, data bursaries upon request, please email us! Live captioning via otter.ai will be available at the event.



5pm – 5:10pm Welcome and context

5:15pm – 5:45pm Collective action: sending letters and signing petitions


5.50pm – 6:10pm Palestinian art and literature (one or two pieces)

6:10pm – 6:30pm Break out rooms to brainstorm collective action together

6:30pm Well-being check in

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