Image: a group of people of colour with different skin tones, hairstyles, and clothing reading against a yellow background. Text: Open Call: Blog Pitches. Deadline: 16 July 2024. For Black writers and writers of colour based in Scotland.

Call for Blog Pitches! – for August – October 2024

We’re excited to be issuing the first call for blog pitches of our Space to Thrive programme!

For Black writers and writers of colour based in Scotland

With the recent launch of our Space to Thrive programme, this first call for pitches is themed around Space! We’re looking for pitches about any and all interpretations of the concept of ‘space’, from outer space to absence to community and anything else that comes to mind.

Each guest blogger will be asked to contribute one blog post. This will be supplemented by a commissioned post from a fellow SBWN community author. We aim to publish 3 blog posts total during this period.

While all applicants must identify as Black writers or writers of colour (definition), there is absolutely no obligation to connect your pitch to ideas about race and diversity.

We especially encourage submissions from BPOC writers who are disabled, D/deaf, blind, chronically ill, or neurodivergent; are over 45 years old; are from the LGBTQIA+ community; are a parent or carer; and/or have never been published. 

Please make sure you read our pitching guide before submitting: How to Pitch to SBWN

If you want to pitch but are stuck for ideas, we’ve provided some prompts below. Please note that these are just starting points – if you have a pitch fitting the ‘space’ theme that falls outside this brief list, we’d love to read it!

Pitch prompts:

  1. Space as the unknown: where do we ‘boldly go where no one has gone before’ (to paraphrase the original Star Trek series), and how do we get there?
  2. From global conflict to DIY/grassroots communities, we live in a world where space is forcibly, even violently, appropriated. How do we retain the spaces we need to sustain ourselves? How do we grow our spaces without encroaching on others?  
  3. Space as absence: what’s missing from what we need? How do we know what we don’t have when it’s never been there?
  4. Joyful space: How have you created space for joy? Where have you found a joyful space? Is this a space just for you alone, or who do you create or share the space with? How does this space shape your writing?
  5. Inhabiting unexpected spaces or confronting unexpected restrictions, whether in daily life, career, recreational activities, or anywhere else (e.g. dietary restrictions that keep you from eating your cultures’ foods, new or recently diagnosed health conditions, re- or newly-discovered passion for a hobby not stereotypically associated with people of colour)

We can accept pitches in text, audio and/or video format:


  • Text: up to 700 words
  • Audio or video: up to 3 minutes 


If selected or commissioned, your work can be published as text, audio, and/or video (including BSL interpretation).


The Basics

  • If you have been published on our blog from our last open call, please wait until the next open call after this one before pitching again. This helps us to showcase a wider range of writers, especially writers who haven’t been published or haven’t worked with us before.
  • Please send a brief pitch (100 words maximum) on what your blog post will be about (see possible pitch ideas above).
  • Check out our blog before you pitch – both to see the wide range of styles and topics we publish, and to make sure that we haven’t previously covered the topic you want to write about. 
  • We need at least one writing sample along with your pitch. These can be published, self-published (e.g. on a personal blog/website), or unpublished.
  • Access
    • We will accept blog posts as text, audio or video.
    • We have some bursaries for childcare/caregiver or data costs for people on low incomes who would be unable to participate otherwise.
    • We have an access budget – please share your access requirements with us.
  • You will be paid an artist fee of £135 for a blog post of 700 words or 3 minutes audio/video.
    • Please note this is classed as ‘self-employed’ or ‘freelance’ work.
    • The blog post will be posted on the Scottish BPOC Writers Network website.
  • Blogs will be posted intermittently. Together, we’ll decide a publication date that works for you.
  • An editor will be provided.

How to apply 

  1. Please only apply if you identify as a Black writer or writer of colour based in Scotland (definition).
  2. Read our pitching guide: How to Pitch to SBWN
  3. Apply by 16 July 2024 via this Google Form


Any questions? Email us


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