Access Statement

We aim to facilitate inclusive and supportive spaces. 

We want SBWN to be a welcoming place for BPOC people with varying access requirements, whether they are disabled, Deaf, blind, chronically ill, and/or neurodivergent; are from a working-class background, facing socioeconomic barriers, or on a low income; have caring responsibilities; and/or are otherwise marginalised.

Access is an integral part of our programming built into working practices and each programme strand.

Working Together

We run our own programme of events and activities.

Proactive Approach:

  • Access provided for each event or activity is stated on each event listing or activity description.
  • Access requirements are also invited during event sign-up.
  • We invite an Access Doc from people we work with and provide a template and resources.
  • We provide a template for invoices.

Communications and Publishing:

  • audio recording, automatic subtitling, transcript is standard at all our online events and internal meetings; and we have contacts for BPOC live captioners and notetakers.
  • Recordings are professionally captioned by Collective Text – their creation of accessible captions includes hiring caption user consultants.
  • We aspire to include BSL interpretation for at least 50% of our events.
  • Transcripts for audio publishing.
  • Accessible publishing: Our publishing strand, pitching and commissioning encourages submissions in film, audio and written formats.

Accessible Spaces:

  • We will provide in-person, online and hybrid programming; we will never fully switch our programme offline.
  • Comfort breaks included in events of 1+ hours.
  • Safe(r) Space reporting: We mandate our Safer Spaces Policy at every meeting and event, and have a process for cases reported to us, including handling exclusions if necessary, and aspire to transformative work where possible.
  • In-person:
    • Venues must be wheelchair and mobility aid accessible.
    • We aim to provide a quiet space at in-person events of 2+ hours.
    • Masks encouraged and ventilated spaces used.


  • Pay What You Can: £1 minimum with suggested prices provided and free tickets for those who need them.
  • Pay It Forward subscriptions, donations and tickets for people who are financially able to support us.
  • Bursaries for SBWN members who need them:
    • Travel bursary, up to £50 per person – ticket receipts required
    • Care or childcare bursary, up to £30 per half-day
    • Data bursary, up to £8 per person.

Partner Events and Activities

An example of a Partner event would be a submissions programme or an SBWN showcase or workshop at a book festival, for example SBWN x ‘Partner name’ festival.

Partners are encouraged to take a proactive approach to accessibility.

SBWN may not engage in a partnership, where a potential partner doesn’t have sufficient funds and practices to also cover access costs in line with our requirements.


We are working to make our website more accessible.


We welcome all feedback, including criticisms, constructive feedback, wishes and/or positive feedback.

You can send us feedback via email: or via feedback forms at our events, or our annual EDI survey.  

Reviewed May 2024.