Workshop: Food Experiences with Sean Wai Keung

We’re pleased to offer a free, 2-hour, online workshop led by the talented Sean Wai Keung! Sign up here!

Please be mindful when booking. This is a workshop for writers of colour based in Scotland.

Food is one of the few offline means of connection still available to us despite the lockdown.

Food is a topic that is universal, and yet also so personal, with each person having their own unique experiences mirroring not only their own lives but the journeys of the generations before them, as well as the society of where they live and have lived.

Because of this, food is also a topic which gets right to the heart of BAME and/or diaspora experiences, whether this is through actual familial or background recipes/practices or food experiences that others may assume we hold. This workshop will focus on our personal experiences of food. Through writing, sharing, and feedback processes, we’ll explore our food experiences in a low-stress environment while also learning some tasty new methods and practices!

It’s also a particularly interesting time for food discussions at the moment with topics such as food distribution, shopping/stockpiling and definitions of terms like ‘essential’ foodstuffs appearing regularly in the media as well as in many peoples thoughts and worries.

The Details

  • A max of 15 spaces, open to writers in all genres
  • This workshop will be hosted online using Webex (instructions will be sent to participants closer to workshop date)
  • We’ll look at writing excerpts and discuss poetry and prose related to the topic of ‘recipes’
  • A chance to exchange recipes and discuss what we’re eating during lockdown
  • The workshop will include writing exercises and time to share/receive feedback
  • The workshop includes a 20-min break
  • All SBWN events will adhere to our safer spaces policy.

About Sean

Sean Wai Keung is a Glasgow-based writer and performer. His poetry pamphlet “you are mistaken” won the 2016 Rialto Open Pamphlet Competition and he has also released “how to cook” (2018) and “be happy” (2020) with Speculative Books, as well as having work in numerous zines, journals and anthologies. In 2019 he facilitated the “Psycho Gastro Studio” food-poetry writing course with the Poetry School. He has also devised food-based solo performances with organisations including the National Theatre of Scotland, Edinburgh Art Fair and Summerhall. Follow him through @SeanWaiKeung or via

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