SBWN Palestine Solidarity Statement

Scottish BPOC Writers Network stands in solidarity with Palestine.

We are witnessing horror and destruction in Gaza by the Israel Defense Force. This is a continued violence after decades of occupation by an apartheid state. In the last 10 days, 3500+ Palestinians have been murdered by Israel. 

Western governments and powers are not only supporting Israel’s genocide in Gaza, but actively aiding and abetting it. We are witnessing the dehumanisation of Palestinians and Muslims by Western media to incite Islamophobia and other racist narratives to justify murder and devastation.

In the last 10 days, Israel has committed war crimes including the use of white phosphorus, cutting off the supply of water, power, food and medicine to 2.3 million Palestinians, and bombing Al-Ahly Baptist Hospital in Gaza. 40% of the population in Gaza are under the age of 14. We unequivocally condemn every act against civilians and every infringement of international law.

We are calling for all of Scotland’s arts and literary organisations to stand with Palestine, and therefore stand against settler-colonialism, racism, Islamophobia, and genocide.

We are following UBelong’s example and also adding a new point to our Safer Spaces Policy: “Pro-occupation, pro-war, pro-colonialism, fascism, and white supremacist sentiments will not be permitted on our platforms and in our spaces.” 

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.


Actions you can take:

  1. Write to your representatives: your MP (UK), MSP (Scotland)
  2. Attend and/or organise a protest in your local area
  3. Sign open letters from organisations or collectives you support
  4. Sign petitions, for example: 
  5. Donate to appropriate aid organisations, for example:
  6. Be mindful of propaganda and misinformation
  7. Boycott businesses and products that profit from war, for example:
  8. Share solidarity statements and collective action activities

Collective action by Artists in Scotland and the UK:

Open Letters:

Join the Arts Workers for Palestine, Scotland Organising Group, via artworkersforpalestinescotland at gmail dot com


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