Photo of a microphone against a dark blue and purple background. Text: SBWN Community at Push the Boat Out Poetry Festival. 4th-6th November. Summerhall, Edinburgh.

SBWN Community at Push the Boat Out – 4th-6th November 2022

Where to find members of our wonderful SBWN community at the Push the Boat Out poetry festival from 4th-6th November!

In addition to our ecopoetics writing workshop with Raman Mundair, here are all the events where you can catch our members performing, reading, discussing and more. Tickets can be booked through the links for each event.


Friday 4th November

Nadine Aisha Jassat: The Business of Being a Poet – 2-3pm (free, ticketed)

Alycia Pirmohamed: Truth Prevails: Poetry Across Frontiers – 4:30-5:50pm (£7.50/£5)

Janette Ayachi, Arusa Qureshi: The Friday Night – 8-10pm (£10/£8)


Saturday 5th November

Tawona Sithole: Through the looking glass: eco-poetry from the personal perspective – 11-11:50am (£7.50/£5)

Alycia Pirmohamed: Double Bill: Eduardo C. Corral and Alycia Pirmohamed – 11-11:50am (£7.50/£5)

Bee Asha Singh, Bemz, Arusa Qureshi: Rap is poetry: the big debate (or is it?) – 1:30-2:20pm (£7.50/£5)

Andrés N. Ordorica: Double Bill: Zaffar Kunial and Andrés N. Ordorica – 1:30-2:20pm (£7.50/£5)

Chitra Ramaswamy: Roger Robinson: Home is Not a Place – 2:30-3:20pm (£10/£8)

Jay Gao: Contemporary Poetry Criticism: In/Ex-clusive? – 5-5:50pm (£7.50/£5)

Anita Mackenzie: A Poetry Feast of Mythical Beasts – 6-6:50pm (£10/£8)

Bee Asha Singh (with The Honey Farm): The Saturday Night – 8-10pm (£15/£12)


Sunday 6th November

Hannah Lavery: Double Bill: Hannah Lavery and Michael Mullen – 11-11:50am (£7.50/£5)

Jay Gao, Arusa Qureshi: Poetry’s Place in a Doomscrolling World – 12-12:50pm (£7.50/£5)

Anthony Ezekiel (Vahni) Capildeo: Surreal Conversations: Anthony Ezekiel (Vahni) Capildeo and Luke Kennard – 1-1:50pm (£7.50/£5)

Janette Ayachi, Dean Atta: More Fiya: A New Collection of Black British Poetry – 2-3:20pm (£7.50/£5)

Nadine Aisha Jassat: Forward Prize Poets 2022 – 4:30-5:20pm (£7.50/£5)

Djana Gabrielle: The Sunday Night with Hen Hoose – 8-10pm (£15/£12)

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