Images: clip art of three dark-skinned women in hijabs hugging, two men with different skin tones embracing, a dark-skinned man and woman with two children, and a medium-brown-skinned person in a wheelchair. Text: Scottish BPOC Network Survey 2022. Perceptions and experiences of Black writers and writers of colour in Scotland's literary sector. Deadline: 13 November 2022.

Perceptions and Experiences of Black Writers and Writers of Colour in Scotland’s Literary Sector – 2022 Survey

As an advocacy group working to engage, validate and connect writers of colour living in and from Scotland, it is important that SBWN understands and learns from the perceptions and experiences of people of colour working within Scotland’s literary sector. Since its inception in 2018, and with the help of several volunteers and partner organisations, SBWN has facilitated necessary conversations around inclusive publishing and promoted diverse voices within Scotland’s literary sector.

Scottish BPOC Writers Network (SBWN), EDI Scotland, and Simranjit Kaur Sahota have co-produced this survey to capture the perceptions and experiences of Black people and people of colour who are engaged, or wish to engage, in Scotland’s literary sector.

What’s new?

  1. We’ve radically changed the way we’re asking some EDI questions, in particular around racial and ethnic identity. Why? Gathering race and ethnicity data is often done in a traumatising and marginalising way. At SBWN we are enthusiastic about changing this dynamic in order to reclaim the process as well as how the information is used to ensure it serves and empowers our community.

  2. We’ve included more genres and ways to engage with the literary sector in this year’s survey.

Why complete the survey:

  1. The survey gives you a voice! Tell the Scottish literary sector and SBWN what you think. What we could improve, what we’re doing right, what you want to see more of… What you need as a Black or PoC writer to progress your creative practice and career…?

  2. Help SBWN curate our future programs! As we work on our future funding applications, this survey helps evidence the needs of the SBWN community when we apply to funders.

  3. You could win a £30 book token!

  4. Shape the future of SBWN! The findings from previous surveys have inspired the creation of our Scottish Black Writers Group and Asian Writers Group, launched Metaphors for a Black Future, expanded opportunities for members to publish their work, and grown our committee to better reflect the diversity of BPOC in and from Scotland.

Survey closes on 13th November 2022.



Survey link:

About Simranjit

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I’m an early career researcher and recently began working within equality, diversity and inclusion after graduating from the University of Strathclyde. I’m particularly interested in issues of race, racism, migration, and decolonisation in Scotland. In addition, I do some translation work. I’m based in Glasgow and enjoy reading, walking, and learning new languages.

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